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Ticker NIH Stock Number 231
Last trade price 65 Last trade time 12:27:36
High Bid Low Ask 66
Day High 65 Day Low 64
Volume Traded 70,507 Value Traded 4,547.955
Number of trades 5    
ISIN Code KW0EQ0201677
Most recent trade price prior to today 66
Date of most recent trade prior to today 25-04-2017

Summary – Updated on 4/9/2017
Market Capitalization (Million) 14.097
P/E Ratio (Price-to-Earnings Basic excluding extraordinary items - trailing 12 months) 4.864
P/S Ratio (Price to Sales - trailing 12 months) 3.343
EPS (Earnings per Share (EPS) excluding extraordinary items - trailing 12 months) 0.013
Beta 1.949
Dividend Yield
Price - 12 month high 0.086
Price - 12 month low 0.049
Volume - Average trading volume for the last 3 months (Million) 11.198

Stock Profile

Established on 14/01/1979
Listing Date 11/01/2005
Address Sharq - Abdul Aziz Hamad Alsaqr St. - Al Raya Tower (2) - Floor 45
P. O. Box 25825 SAFAT 13119 KUWAIT
Telephone 22255925 - 22255926
Fax / Telefax 22255473
Contact Person Ahmed Elsalamouny
Contact Number 50222710
Local Branches 0
External Branches 0
No of Employees 10
Fiscal Year 31-12
Principal Activities 1- Acquiring shares in existing shareholding and limited liabilities, Kuwaiti and Non-Kuwaiti companies, contribute in establishment of new companies, lending, managing and guarantying these companies. 2- Investing its own fund by trading in stocks, bonds, and other financial securities. 3- Possessing the assets and real estates required for the practice of its activity within the limits prescribed by law. 4- lending the companies that hold stocks therein with share of no less than 20%. 5- Possessing the industrial property rights including the patents, industrial trademarks and industrial layouts, along with any other rights related to the same, and leasing them to other companies for realization whether inside or outside Kuwait
Authorized share capital 21,687,750.000 Kuwaiti Dinar
Issued Share Capital 21,687,750.000 Kuwaiti Dinar
Paid-up share capital 21,687,750.000 Kuwaiti Dinar
Share Per Value 100 Fils
No. of Issued Shares 216,877,500 share
No. of treasury share 13,316,772 share
No. of shares outstanding 203,560,728 shares
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Ownership Disclosure of Major Shareholders

(More Details in The Disclosure Record and The Basic Reference in The Data Record)

FullNameDisclosure TypePercentage %Published On
Al Mysara Financial Co.Direct29.23023/08/2015

Subsidiaries and Associates Companies listed in the Exchange

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Board of Directors

ChairmanAbdul Wahab Mohammed Al WazzanElected
Vice ChairmanBasem Abdullah Mohammed Al - OthmanElected
DirectorMandouh Abul Ghani El - SherbiniDirector & Chief Executive Officer Elected
DirectorMusaed Abdul Aziz Al - OsimiElected
DirectorAbdul Aziz Mohammed Hmoud Al RoumiRep. of Al Maysara Financial co.
AuditorAl-Aiban, Al-Osaimi & Partners-Ernst & Young 
AuditorDeloitte & Touche (Al Wazzan & Co) 

Executive management